how to stay married

How to Stay Married: Tips from Our Divorce Attorneys

It’s understandable to think that since we are family law attorneys who have handled lots of divorce cases we might be disillusioned by the current state of marriage. The truth is, however, that we know better than anyone how to…

buying a home after chapter 13

Renting and Buying a Home after Chapter 13: Try These 4 Tips

Think your plans for renting or buying a home after Chapter 13 bankruptcy are doomed? It’s only natural to wonder how this form of bankruptcy will affect your living situation, but then again, you’ve got to live somewhere, right? The…

buying a vacation home in miami

Never Make These 5 Compromises When Buying a Vacation Home in Miami

So, you’re thinking of buying a vacation home in Miami or the surrounding area. That’s great! All of South Florida is ideal for a vacation home, but there’s just something about Miami that draws people in. Want to be close…

getting a divorce in florida

Getting a Divorce in Florida: 4 Benefits for Your Child’s Mental Health

If you’re thinking of getting a divorce in Florida and you have kids, we want to help you understand something: depending on how you handle it, a divorce might be the best thing that can happen for your children. You’re…

growth tips for small business

3 Must-Read Growth Tips for Small Business

Growing a business isn’t easy. You have to fill many roles to keep things running and adapt on the daily while providing top-notch services to your clients. These three growth tips for small business will help you get there. Push…

single-family rental

Single-Family Rental: How to Avoid 4 Investment Mistakes

Buying a single-family rental is a big step to take, but if handled correctly, it can prove very worthwhile. Many others have done it before, so why not learn from their mistakes? Here are four rental investment mistakes and how…

business debt

Business Debt: How Will I Finance My Small Business?

According to Gallup, 36 percent of small business owners in the U.S. who have business debt are “very or somewhat” uncomfortable with their debt load, and almost half say that it is “extremely difficult” to reduce their debt burden. While…

habits that lead to divorce

4 Unhealthy Habits That Lead to Divorce

Nobody really plans for divorce when they get married. The habits that lead to divorce often creep up unannounced and burrow into daily life. It’s not until these habits build to a breaking point—their combined weight too much to hold…

chapter 11 bankruptcy

Reorganizing Your Debts: Small Business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is notoriously expensive and time-intensive for business owners. However, in 2005 Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, which aimed to make the process simpler and less expensive for small businesses that otherwise would…

small business intellectual property

Why Protecting Your Small Business Intellectual Property Is Critical

Don’t think your small business intellectual property is at risk? Think again. If you’re a small business owner, even if you don’t depend directly on your ideas or artistic creations to generate income, you should be protecting your IP. What…