Thinking of Divorce? 4 Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce court can be rough. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse both know that it’s not going to be fun. The antagonistic nature of the process makes sure that it’s not. Divorce mediation can change that. Instead of airing your grievances in a public setting, you can discuss how you want the divorce to unfold in a more peaceful way.

While court might be necessary in some cases, it certainly isn’t the right choice for everyone. Here are four reasons to consider divorce mediation.

The Time It Takes

The first benefit of taking the mediation route is that it won’t eat up as much time as going to court. Instead of spending a year or more making the divorce official, you could resolve your differences in a few months. Divorce mediation won’t take over your life like a case fought in court will. Not only will your life go back to some semblance of normalcy quickly, but also you can better manage things while you are going through the process when you choose mediation.

The Emotional Pain

Saving time is great, but what about the emotional pain that divorce causes? It turns out that even if you and your spouse still get along and you choose to go to court, the emotional toll can be devastating. Your relationship will be likely to change. Divorce mediation often reduces the pain of divorce because it is a collaborative process rather than an antagonistic one. If you and your spouse want to maintain a friendly relationship after you’ve divorced, mediation could help you preserve good will toward each other. In situations where children are involved, staying friendly can make everyone’s lives easier post-divorce.

The Outcome

Going to court to resolve your divorce puts the outcome in someone else’s hands. Most often the judge on your case will decide how the case falls into place. Who will get what? Who gets the kids? What are the visitation rights? In divorce mediation, you and your spouse have an opportunity to work together to make sure that everyone leaves the negotiation table happy. With a skilled divorce mediation attorney, you can work toward solutions that benefit everyone.

The Cost

Not only does divorce mediation cost you less time, it also costs you less money than traditional divorce. Litigation often comes with a bill that totals in the tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes it can be even more expensive. Because mediation makes the process less complicated, it limits the costs considerably.

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