florida divorce rules

Florida Divorce Rules: 3 Do’s and 2 Don’ts to Remember

Divorce can be one of the most painful processes you can go through in life. If you live in the Miami area, knowing some of the Florida divorce rules can help to alleviate your pain. You’re going to have to…

file for bankruptcy in Florida

Can One Spouse File for Bankruptcy in Florida?

What happens if you get into financial trouble and need to file for bankruptcy in Florida? Will your spouse be affected, too? Do you have to file for bankruptcy and risk ruining your credit if your spouse needs help getting…

how divorce affects children

How Divorce Affects Children: 3 Factors to Consider When Divorcing

Any parent who has gone through a divorce knows how important it is to consider how it will affect the kids. In some situations, it is the best thing that can happen for children in the family, especially if the…

filing for bankruptcy

3 Reasons Filing for Bankruptcy Isn’t the End of the World

Many people think that bankruptcy means failure. They think that filing for bankruptcy is something to be avoided at all costs, even though it is a safety net that was put in place to help people get out of debt.…

prenuptial agreement checklist

Prenuptial Agreement Checklist: 4 Things to Consider

When you’re planning a wedding, you have a lot of details to think about. A prenuptial agreement is most likely not something that is a top priority for you, but considering how many marriages end in divorce, it might be…

Florida business attorney

When to Hire a Florida Business Attorney for Your Small Business

All small business must grapple with it—when to hire a business attorney. Companies in Florida are no different. They must decide whether to hire a Florida business attorney from the start to make sure they do their due diligence or…

florida bankruptcy attorney

Florida Bankruptcy Attorney: How Bankruptcy Can Help

If you have substantial debts that you cannot repay, filing for bankruptcy could be your way back to a semblance of normalcy. Hiring a Florida bankruptcy attorney to help you through the process might not be at the top of…

miami divorce

Tips for a Good Miami Divorce (or at Least an Amicable One)

For some couples in the Miami area who have gone through it, a painful divorce is inevitable. That’s just how it goes. But for others considering a Miami divorce, it is possible to maintain peace and come to terms with…

loan modification

What Is a Loan Modification? How Getting One Helps Homeowners

If you’re having trouble paying on your mortgage, it’s good to know that you can renegotiate the terms of your loan. A loan modification can help you get your payments under control and even avoid foreclosure. There’s a lot that…

bankruptcy help

Bankruptcy Help: How to Discharge (Some) Tax Debts after Bankruptcy

You might have seen or heard those advertisements that claim to offer bankruptcy help by discharging taxes. It sounds nice, but is it as simple as that? The truth is that some tax debts are dischargeable after you file for…