Getting a Divorce in Florida: 4 Benefits for Your Child’s Mental Health

If you’re thinking of getting a divorce in Florida and you have kids, we want to help you understand something: depending on how you handle it, a divorce might be the best thing that can happen for your children.

You’re probably hesitant because you have read the statistics on children of divorced spouses. Poor academic performance, psychological problems, a lower professional trajectory in adult life—all of the effects of divorce seem to be negative. After reading about the harmful effects of divorce on children, staying together for the kids appears to be your only option. However, it is impossible to say whether divorce is solely responsible for these things. Other factors certainly contribute. In some cases, divorce is the best possible decision you can make for your child. Everything depends on the quality of home-life that our children have.

Kids who are forced to live with parents who do nothing but fight are also subject to adverse mental effects.

So, if you’re considering getting a divorce in Florida, but you’re not sure whether it will cause harm to your child, take a look at these four possible benefits for your child’s mental health.

Relief from Chronic Tension

Parents leave a mark on their children, no matter what. Growing up in a home where constant fighting is the norm creates an environment that is full of tension. Children internalize the association between their parents and conflict, so when they are with both parents, even if everyone is getting along, they feel the tension. Ongoing tension, when experienced regularly, can lead to some serious mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

No More Fear of Intimacy

Children whose parents don’t get along often experience intimacy problems throughout life. Experiencing intimacy often brings up memories of trauma. Dysfunctional parents set the stage for their children. If they have intimate relationships in the future, children of dysfunctional parents will reenact their parents’ behavior.

A Stronger Sense of Self

Childhood is when we form our sense of self, and if we grow up in a combative household, that self may never fully emerge. The conflict between parents often takes hold of a child’s mind, causing confusion and self-defeating behavior. For example, children long to be love, but because of internalized conflict, they push others away. They crave attention yet isolate themselves.

Freedom from Mood Problems

Growing up in a toxic environment often forces children to become cynical at a young age. Mood problems often arise when children are forced to grow up too quickly. Because they lack a sense of hope and optimism, these children learn to expect the worst, even if there is a reason to believe in a good outcome.

Are you thinking of getting a divorce in Florida?

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