3 Crucial Marriage Lessons to Learn from the Ariana Grande – Pete Davidson October Breakup

Celebrities are known for the headlines they generate. Grammy nominee Ariana Grande and Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson serve as a prime example. But their quick engagement and subsequent split serve as more than tabloid entertainment—we ordinary people can learn a few valuable marriage lessons from their mistakes.

Let’s take a look.

Take Things Slow

The first thing that entertainment news sources noticed during these celebrities’ relationship was how quickly they went from dating to engaged. The couple had only dated for two weeks before Davidson proposed. On top of the rush to put a ring on it, both Grande and Davidson had ended relationships with others just weeks before making their relationship official. Once the news of their engagement broke, barely a week passed before Davidson moved in with his singer fiancée.

Of all the marriage lessons out there, this one is up there. Young love is a beautiful thing (Davidson is 24, Grande 25), but it can also be so excited to move forward that it forgets to slow down. Had the couple allowed for more time to get to know one another before deciding to take things to the next level, they might have lasted longer. Marriage is not only about love or passion—it is also a legal contract that comes with responsibilities, financial and personal. If the couple had gone through with the wedding, the divorce could have been very messy.

Try a Cohabiting Trial

To their credit, Davidson and Grande did something that many couples should do before tying the knot: they lived together. Seeing someone a few times during the week and on weekends allows for incompatibilities to remain hidden. It wouldn’t be surprising if the time Grande and Davidson spent living together uncovered some of theirs.

It might seem unconventional, or even unromantic, but if you’re thinking of getting married, have a conversation about your living situation. A trial period of living together in the same space can be very revealing of the future.

Wait to Get Those Matching Tattoos

Really? We need to cover this? OK. Tattoos are permanent. If you don’t make sure that your relationship is, too, before inking your arm, you might end up with a constant reminder of your mistake. Grande and Davidson went a little overboard on their tattoo mistakes, getting several matching ones—including a cloud and the acrostic H2GKMO (which represents one of Grande’s favorite sayings, “honest to God, knock me out)—over the course of a few months.

Learn These Marriage Lessons before Rushing into an Engagement

In short, just slow down and get to know your significant other. Learn some valuable marriage lessons while you can. You don’t want to tie the knot only to have to visit our offices in a few months.