3 Simple Things Your Real Estate Attorney Wishes You Knew

When on the market to buy a house or other real estate, many buyers might not even know that they can benefit from the services of an attorney. Even if they do, they might not make the call because they think it will be too expensive. It’s a shame because many times an attorney can help lower costs. That’s something we real estate attorneys wished everyone understood.

Here are three other things your real estate lawyer wishes you knew:

Attorneys Can Answer Questions that Real Estate Agents Can’t

In some real estate closings, the process is simple. Things go the way both parties want. Neither party has any demands that make the agreement more complicated. But this is not always the case. In situations where the purchase agreement is not done by the book, you might have some questions and concerns about any unusual terms or legal issues that crop up. Legally, only a real estate attorney can address those questions and concerns. If you only have a real estate agent by your side, you won’t find the answers you’re looking for.

Make Sure You Hire a Real Estate Attorney

This is a common mistake that homebuyers make. Many times because a homebuyer knows an attorney or one of their friends recommends one, they won’t check to make sure that this attorney specializes in real estate law. Real estate law is a complex area, one that requires specialized training and study to practice effectively. Additionally, real estate laws vary by state, so it’s critical to find someone who practices in the area you’re hoping to buy in.

Real Estate Attorneys Aren’t Just for Buyers

Sellers aren’t as likely to hire an attorney during a sale. It’s too bad, because they have a lot to gain in certain circumstances from doing so. Let’s use an example. Imagine that you want to sell some land from a rural property. You probably have concerns about what the buyer will do with that land because it could affect your remaining property’s value or diminish your quality of life. A real estate attorney will make sure that the proper restrictions are placed on any purchase. Say that to get to a public road from your property, you have to pass through the land you want to sell. An attorney can make sure you are granted an easement, which will allow you to pass through.

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