Business Contract Attorney: Why You Should Hire a Business Attorney Now

In business, a few things are certain—among them are business contracts. Whether you’re promising your services to another party or you need to secure a vendor, having a business contract attorney on your side can make things go a lot smoother. Not hiring an attorney to help you can result in disputes and even litigation, which is not something that many businesses can come back from.

A small business recently hired our services because it was being sued for not delivering on a promise to a customer. The breach of contract, while a small detail, was enough for the complaint to move forward. Unfortunately, our client, a small house painting company, had used a pre-made form contract when taking on the job. The problem with these contracts, which are easily found on the internet, is that they do not cover many things that need to be considered in a business deal. Because the contract did not specify what would constitute a breach of contract in this particular agreement, the painting company had to pay to fix a problem that was not their fault, but rather the result of an aging house.

If you want to avoid this kind of fate with your small business, read on.

Why You Should Hire a Business Contract Attorney Now

You might think that hiring an attorney before you have a problem is a waste of money. But think of it this way—would you rather pay a small fee that you can work into your budget, or an unknown amount plus attorney fees later after you’re ordered to by the court? A business contract attorney will help you prevent a lawsuit from happening in the first place. By having a professional look over any contracts that you intend to sign, you’re taking a step to protect your business.

Attorneys are familiar with all the essential clauses that business contracts need to contain in order to keep you out of trouble. Especially if you do business out of state, having an attorney to read over your contracts can prevent trouble from arising. That’s because state laws vary. A business contract attorney can also make sure that you’re not agreeing to something that you shouldn’t. In fact, an attorney can even make the deal you’re making work more in your favor than if you had not hired an attorney.

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